20161219 Drogheda

Every Idea needs a plan!

And of course the plan changes as soon as you hit the ground.
118,194 MU coving Drogheda with 6 fields
Another 21k MU covering the Irish Sea over to Breakwater.

Start off with what looks like a simple plan

But of course, faith got in the way.(what was I thinking hitting Drogheda at 6pm?)

Roll on 1am…

Hit the blockers that were thrown from Drogheda (I bet they are already getting out of bed), Shot over to Kentstown and threw my anchor up to Commons Cross.
First field thrown! –

Time was against me!
I had two friendly links to ADA and 1 to destroy (or should would my nerves get the better of me and just Jarvis them?)

Clean up a few friendly links and rush back to throw another field

Got my Gold Illuminator badge out of it and all !

Looks like a good nights work!

But there is more! A visit that I paid up the North earlier in the day to bring down a blocker left me with some keys from a place called Kilkeel.
Don’t mind if I do!