So guys, a lot of ye probably haven’t heard of Ingress? (right?).
Pokémon was just released from Niantic labs from Google (Oh you heard of that?), but they have had another Augmented Reality mobile game for the last 3 years.
The background of this game is basically that there are these aliens called Shapers, that are found after a new energy is discovered called Exotic Matter (XM). Half the planet (yes the game is worldwide) think that these aliens are here to “uplift humanity and bring about the next chapter in human evolution”, and the other half think that are going to enslave the human race and are fighting to stop it.
You pick whether you are on the Enlightened or the Resistance team the moment you open the game (and you can’t change after!)
It’s an on-going game where the two sides are fighting for domination. Local landmarks, tourist attractions etc. have portals on them which we can see with the “scanner” which is the app on the phone. It will be unclaimed, and if you capture it by powering it up (with resonators) then it will be colored your team’s color (green for enlightened, and blue for resistance). You can create links between portals, and if you link 3 portals you get a field. Depending on the size of the field and the number of people that are covered by it, it will get added to your local, and global score. There are tons of stats you work against: the number of portals you have captured; the number of enemy portals you have destroyed; the number of links you’ve made; how far you’ve walked; the list does go on.
You are going to be introduced to a massive amount of local attractions that you probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise… There is a massive social side of it too. A few weeks after I started playing the game there was a massive gathering called an Anomaly where hundreds (literally) of players across Dublin fighting for control of the city.
I’m heading to Birmingham in 3 weeks to meet up with hundreds of people from across Europe doing the same thing, then to Budapest in September.…
Anyone tried it? Anyone want to try it?

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